Norwegian Air Shuttle A.S.

Country: Norway
Founded: 1993
Fleet size: 57
Fleet age: 3.7 year.
Base airport: Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)
Airline Norwegian Air Shuttle A.S. is an airline from Norway. Airline founded in 1993. Base airport is Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL). Airlines operates flights to more than 18 destinations.

Norwegian Air Shuttle A.S. fleet consisted of 57 aircraft, average age of aircraft 3.7 year.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Bergen Airport (BGO)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)3
Trondheim Airport Vaernes (TRD)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)3
Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)Stavanger Airport Sola (SVG)3
Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)Trondheim Airport Vaernes (TRD)3
Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)Malmo Airport (MMX)2
Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)Bergen Airport (BGO)2
Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)Lulea Airport (LLA)2
Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)2
Stavanger Airport Sola (SVG)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)2
Vienna International Airport (VIE)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)2

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
DY7150Logan International Airport (BOS)Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)0 feet.0 knots.B789
DY7060Orlando International Airport (MCO)Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)0 feet.0 knots.B789
DY7156O'Hare International Airport (ORD)Barcelona-El Prat Airport (BCN)0 feet.0 knots.B789
DY271Kristiansand Airport (KRS)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)2900 feet.158 knots.B738
DY421Molde Airport, Aro (MOL)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)4700 feet.220 knots.B738
DY4281Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL)5300 feet.300 knots.B738
DY181Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)8200 feet.298 knots.B738
DY4032Lulea Airport (LLA)Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)11200 feet.317 knots.B738
DY401Vigra Alesund Airport (AES)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)14800 feet.297 knots.B738
DY4030Lulea Airport (LLA)Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)18600 feet.310 knots.B738
DY4072Goteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT)Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)19800 feet.432 knots.B738
DY4103Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)22000 feet.334 knots.B738
DY164Bergen Airport (BGO)Trondheim Airport Vaernes (TRD)28100 feet.487 knots.B738
DY602Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL)Bergen Airport (BGO)34000 feet.349 knots.B738
DY4071Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)Goteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT)34400 feet.405 knots.B738