Austrian Air Services

Country: Austria
Airline Austrian Air Services is an airline from Austria. Airlines operates flights to more than 94 destinations.

Popular routes by last week

From To Flights by week
Хунцяо (SHA)Сиань (XIY)19
Сиань (XIY)Хунцяо (SHA)18
Нанкин (NKG)Сиань (XIY)14
Тайюань (TYN)Хунцяо (SHA)14
Сиань (XIY)Нанкин (NKG)14
Хунцяо (SHA)Гуйян (KWE)14
Хунцяо (SHA)Тайюань (TYN)14
Пудун (PVG)Харбин (HRB)13
Шэньян (SHE)Пудун (PVG)13
Харбин (HRB)Пудун (PVG)13

Enroute flight

Flight From To Altitude Speed Plane
HO1202Шэньчжэнь (SZX)Хунцяо (SHA)18700 feet.434 knots.A321
HO1718Шэньян (SHE)Нанкин (NKG)22600 feet.362 knots.A320
HO1684Юйлинь (UYN)Нанкин (NKG)22600 feet.389 knots.A320
HO1198Сямынь (XMN)Пудун (PVG)23500 feet.497 knots.A320
HO1816Ханчжоу (HGH)Санья (SYX)27600 feet.389 knots.A320
HO1096Ба (BFJ)Хунцяо (SHA)29100 feet.511 knots.A320
HO1216Сиань (XIY)Хунцяо (SHA)29100 feet.485 knots.A321
HO1134Тайюань (TYN)Хунцяо (SHA)29100 feet.487 knots.A321
HO1622Кансай (KIX)Нанкин (NKG)30000 feet.355 knots.A320
HO1815Ханчжоу (HGH)Харбин (HRB)31100 feet.398 knots.A320
HO1256Урумчи (URC)Хунцяо (SHA)35100 feet.489 knots.A320