Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP)

Buenos Aires
Wheather: +23.2 C1011 hPa73%

Timezone America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
Latitude 34°33'22"S
Region South America
13/31 - 6890 x 131 ft. CON
Elevation 20 ft. / 6 m.
Longitude 58°25'0"S
City Buenos Aires

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Number of cancelled and delayed flights departing and arriving to Jorge Newbery Airport.

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Enroute Flights

Information about enroute flights to Jorge Newbery Airport

Flight Number Departure airport Aircraft Distance
AR1851[RGL] Rio Gallegos Internacional AirportBoeing 737-80033 mile / 53 km.
AR1503[COR] Ingeniero Aeronautico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International AirportBoeing 737-800117 mile / 188 km.
AR1799[RES] Resistencia AirportBoeing 737-800323 mile / 520 km.
AR2751[PSS] Posadas AirportEmbraer 190348 mile / 560 km.
AU2751[PSS] Posadas AirportEmbraer 190350 mile / 563 km.
AU2473[TUC] Teniente Benjamin Matienzo AirportEmbraer 190397 mile / 639 km.
AR1879[USH] Malvinas Argentinas International AirportBoeing 737-800479 mile / 770 km.
AR1447[TUC] Teniente Benjamin Matienzo AirportBoeing 737-800663 mile / 1066 km.
AR1451[SLA] Martin Miguel de Guemes International AirportBoeing 737-800775 mile / 1247 km.
AR1849[RGA] Rio Grande AirportBoeing 737-8001183 mile / 1903 km.


Information about flights departure from Jorge Newbery Airport today.

Destination airport Flights Airlines
Ingeniero Aeronautico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport (COR)6Aerolineas Argentinas, Senegal Airlines, LATAM Airlines
El Plumerillo International Airport (MDZ)3Aerolineas Argentinas, Austral, Senegal Airlines
General E. Mosconi International Airport (CRD)3Aerolineas Argentinas
San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport (BRC)3Aerolineas Argentinas, Senegal Airlines
Teniente Benjamin Matienzo Airport (TUC)3LATAM Airlines Argentina, Aerolineas Argentinas
Cataratas del Iguazu International Airport (IGR)3Aerolineas Argentinas, Senegal Airlines
El Calafate Airport (FTE)2Aerolineas Argentinas
Rio Gallegos Internacional Airport (RGL)2Aerolineas Argentinas
Rio Grande Airport (RGA)2Aerolineas Argentinas
El Cadillal Airport (JUJ)2Aerolineas Argentinas, Austral
Resistencia Airport (RES)2Aerolineas Argentinas
Malvinas Argentinas International Airport (USH)2Aerolineas Argentinas
Comandante Airport (BHI)1Aerolineas Argentinas
Martin Miguel de Guemes International Airport (SLA)1Aerolineas Argentinas
Presidente Peron International Airport (NQN)1Aerolineas Argentinas
El Pucu Airport (FMA)1Aerolineas Argentinas
La Rioja Airport (IRJ)1Austral
Trelew Airport (REL)1Aerolineas Argentinas
Posadas Airport (PSS)1Aerolineas Argentinas