Baltimore/Wash International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)

Wheather: +24.5 C1017 hPa83%

Timezone America/New_York
Latitude 39°10'46"N
Region North America
04/22 - 6000 x 150 ft. ASP
10/28 - 10502 x 200 ft. ASP
15L/33R - 5000 x 100 ft. ASP
15R/33L - 9501 x 150 ft. ASP
Elevation 146 ft. / 45 m.
Longitude 76°40'8"S
City Baltimore

Delays at the Baltimore/Wash International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Delay IndexLow






Delay > 15 min.


Delay > 30 min.


Delay > 45 min.

The statistics provide information on 21 flights for the period 16:00 - 19:00

Enroute Flights

Information about enroute flights to Baltimore/Wash International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Flight Number Departure airport Aircraft Distance
WN1338[MSY] Луи АрмстронгBoeing 737-700 Passenger6 mile / 9 km.
DL1579[MSP] Сент-ПолAirbus A31933 mile / 53 km.
WN1471[RDU] РолиBoeing 737-80042 mile / 67 km.
WN1724[TPA] ТампаBoeing 737-80054 mile / 87 km.
WN140[CMH] Порт-КолумбусBoeing 737-700 Passenger61 mile / 98 km.
WN798[PBI] Уэст-Палм-БичBoeing 737-80099 mile / 160 km.
WN107[LAS] Мак-КаренBoeing 737-800106 mile / 170 km.
1L702[PIE] Сент-ПитерсбергCL35130 mile / 209 km.
WN187[ISP] Лонг-Айленд-МакартурBoeing 737-700 Passenger137 mile / 221 km.
WN600[BUF] БуффалоBoeing 737-700 Passenger176 mile / 283 km.
WN1035[ATL] Хартсфилд-ДжэксонBoeing 737-800185 mile / 297 km.
WN1072[MHT] МанчестерBoeing 737-700 Passenger219 mile / 352 km.
WN385[SDF] СтэндифордBoeing 737-700 Passenger468 mile / 753 km.
DL873[ATL] Хартсфилд-ДжэксонBoeing 737-900469 mile / 754 km.
FX711[MEM] МемфисBoeing 767-300 Passenger767 mile / 1234 km.


Information about flights departure from Baltimore/Wash International Thurgood Marshall Airport today.

Destination airport Flights Airlines
Дуглас (CLT)5American Airlines, Southwest Airlines
Орландо (MCO)5Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines
О'Хара (ORD)5American Airlines, Envoy Air, SkyWest Airlines, United Airlines
Цинциннати (CVG)4Atlas Air, ABX Air, Southwest Airlines
Хартсфилд-Джэксон (ATL)4Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines
Тампа (TPA)4Atlas Air, Southwest Airlines
Форт-Лодердейл (FLL)4Southwest Airlines
Ньюарк Либерти (EWR)3CEIBA Intercontinental
Чикаго-Мидвей (MDW)3Southwest Airlines
Индианаполис (IND)3FedEx, Southwest Airlines
Мак-Карен (LAS)3Southwest Airlines
Lewis B Wilson (MCN)3Contour Aviation
Викомико (SBY)3CEIBA Intercontinental
Мемфис (MEM)2FedEx
Ламберт (STL)2Southwest Airlines
Ланкастер (LNS)2Southern Airways Express
Du Bois-Jefferson County (DUJ)2Southern Airways Express
Форт Майерс (RSW)2Southwest Airlines
Уэст-Палм-Бич (PBI)2Southwest Airlines
Вайн (DTW)2Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines
Рочестер (ROC)2Southwest Airlines
Норфолк (ORF)2Southwest Airlines
Форт-Уорт (DFW)2American Airlines
Манчестер (MHT)2Southwest Airlines
Стэндифорд (SDF)2UPS, Southwest Airlines
Буффало (BUF)2Southwest Airlines
Питтсбург Интернэшинл (PIT)2Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines
Моргантаун (MGW)2Southern Airways Express
Бостон Логан (BOS)2Southwest Airlines
Джон-Мэрта Джонстаун-Камбрия (JST)2Boutique Air
Онтарио (ONT)2Atlas Air, ATI
Лав-Филд (DAL)2Southwest Airlines
Municipalcipal/Spaatz Field (RDG)1LBQ
Альбукерке (ABQ)1Southwest Airlines
Сан-Антонио (SAT)1Southwest Airlines
Нашвилл (BNA)1Southwest Airlines
Джексонвилл (JAX)1Southwest Airlines
Луи Армстронг (MSY)1Southwest Airlines
Портленд (PDX)1Atlas Air
Портленд (PWM)1Southwest Airlines
Бредли (BDL)1Southwest Airlines
Лонг-Айленд-Макартур (ISP)1Southwest Airlines
Сент-Пол (MSP)1Delta Air Lines
Солт-Лейк-Сити (SLC)1Southwest Airlines
Ла Гуардиа (LGA)1Southwest Airlines
Провиденс (PVD)1Southwest Airlines
Гаррисберг Интернэшинл (MDT)1FedEx
Милуоки (MKE)1Southwest Airlines
Луис Муньос Марин (SJU)1SWA
Хопкинс (CLE)1Southwest Airlines
Лос-Анджелес (LAX)1Southwest Airlines
Pottstown/Limerick (PTW)1Bul Air
March ARB (RIV)1ABX Air
Алтуна (AOO)1Southern Airways Express
Хобби (HOU)1Southwest Airlines
Денвер (DEN)1Southwest Airlines
Роли (RDU)1Southwest Airlines
Олбани (ALB)1Southwest Airlines
Пеория (PIA)1Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht
Питуффик (THU)1ATI
Канзас-Сити (MCI)1Southwest Airlines