Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG)

Wheather: +24.1 C1016 hPa60%

Timezone Asia/Shanghai
Latitude 25°6'6"N
Region Asia
03/21 - 13123 x 148 ft. CON
04/22 - 14764 x 197 ft. ASP
Elevation 6840 ft. / 2085 m.
Longitude 102°55'44"N
City Kunming

Delays at the Kunming Changshui International Airport

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Delay > 15 min.


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Delay > 45 min.

The statistics provide information on 75 flights for the period 08:00 - 11:00

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Delayed arriving flights

Number of cancelled and delayed flights departing and arriving to Kunming Changshui International Airport.

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Enroute Flights

Information about enroute flights to Kunming Changshui International Airport

Flight Number Departure airport Aircraft Distance
MU5892[SYM] СымаоBoeing 737-700 Passenger13 mile / 21 km.
MU5956[CWJ] Cangyuan Washan AirportBoeing 737-700 Passenger27 mile / 43 km.
MU5928[WNH] ВэньшаньBoeing 737-700 Passenger44 mile / 70 km.
MU5723[JHG] ГасаBoeing 737-700 Passenger105 mile / 169 km.
MU5737[DLU] ДалиBoeing 737-700 Passenger165 mile / 265 km.
KY8358[LUM] ЛусиBoeing 737-700 Passenger172 mile / 276 km.
MU5946[JMJ] Jingmai AirportBoeing 737-800272 mile / 437 km.
HU7211[PEK] ПекинBoeing 737-800346 mile / 556 km.
3U8529[HGH] ХанчжоуAirbus A320470 mile / 756 km.
ZH8977[SZX] ШэньчжэньBoeing 737-800481 mile / 774 km.
MU5752[TSN] ТяньцзиньBoeing 737-700 Passenger654 mile / 1053 km.
CZ3901[PKX] PKXAirbus A321826 mile / 1329 km.
FM9451[SHA] ХунцяоBoeing 737-800835 mile / 1344 km.
MU2715[NKG] НанкинAirbus A320844 mile / 1358 km.
BK2975[TSN] ТяньцзиньBoeing 737-8001272 mile / 2046 km.


Information about flights departure from Kunming Changshui International Airport today.

Destination airport Flights Airlines
Чэнду (CTU)8Sichuan Airlines, Redhill Aviation, Air China, Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Гаса (JHG)6Sichuan Airlines, Redhill Aviation, Chengdu Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Чунцин (CKG)5Sichuan Airlines, Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shandong Airlines
Чжэнчжоу (CGO)4Redhill Aviation, China Southern Airlines, Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Шэньчжэнь (SZX)4China Eastern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines
Луси (LUM)3Redhill Aviation, Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Сямынь (XMN)3Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shandong Airlines
Линьцан (LNJ)3Redhill Aviation, China Eastern Airlines
Цзинань (TNA)3Redhill Aviation, Kunming Airlines, Shandong Airlines
Баошань (BSD)3Redhill Aviation, Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Вэньчжоу (WNZ)3Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Пекин (PEK)2Air China, China Eastern Airlines
Наньчан (KHN)2Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Сымао (SYM)2Redhill Aviation, China Eastern Airlines
Тяньцзинь (TSN)2China Eastern Airlines
Сиань (XIY)2Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Лицзян (LJG)2Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Байюн (CAN)2China Eastern Airlines
Cangyuan Washan Airport (CWJ)2Redhill Aviation, China Eastern Airlines
Тенчун (TCZ)2Kunming Airlines, China Eastern Airlines
Аньцин (AQG)1Redhill Aviation
Хуанъянь (HYN)1China Eastern Airlines
Пудун (PVG)1Kunming Airlines
Синин (XNN)1Sichuan Airlines
Чанша (CSX)1Sichuan Airlines
Ганьчжоу (KOW)1Redhill Aviation
Санья (SYX)1Redhill Aviation
Дали (DLU)1China Eastern Airlines
Вэньшань (WNH)1China Eastern Airlines
Хуайань (HIA)1Redhill Aviation
Чжаньцзян (ZHA)1China Eastern Airlines
Дикинг (DIG)1China Eastern Airlines
Ханчжоу (HGH)1China Eastern Airlines
Нанкин (NKG)1Sichuan Airlines
Jingmai Airport (JMJ)1China Eastern Airlines
Дагуокан (SJW)1Kunming Airlines
Yichun Mingyueshan Airport (YIC)1Redhill Aviation
Индира Ганди (DEL)1Shandong Airlines
Хэфэй (HFE)1Redhill Aviation
Нинбо (NGB)1China Eastern Airlines
Уси (WUX)1Sichuan Airlines
Шэньян (SHE)1Air China
Ибинь (YBP)1China Eastern Airlines
Лахор (LHE)1YTO Cargo
Хайкоу (HAK)1Redhill Aviation
Мяньян (MIG)1Redhill Aviation
Ухань (WUH)1Redhill Aviation
Цзиндэчжень (JDZ)1Shandong Airlines
Хунцяо (SHA)1China Eastern Airlines
Сюйчжоу (XUZ)1Sichuan Airlines
Лунъянь (LCX)1Redhill Aviation
Гуанъюань (GYS)1Sichuan Airlines
Линьи (LYI)1Loong Air