Flight ZF2543 AZUR Air: Vladivostok — Nha Trang

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AZUR Air ZF2543 / KTK2543

Vladivostok — Nha Trang
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Scheduled departure Scheduled arrival
02:10 06:00
Actual departure Actual arrival
02:20 06:10
* Local time


Boeing 757-200 Passenger

Flight information

2567 miles / 4130 km.
6 h. 50 m.

Airports information

Departure Airport

[VVO] Vladivostok International Airport
-3 C 1017 hPa 35%

Airport delays

Arrival Airport

[CXR] Cam Ranh International Airport
+29 C 1010 hPa 79%

Airport delays

History - Flight ZF2543 AZUR Air: Vladivostok — Nha Trang

Date Scheduled Departure Scheduled Arrivals Actual Departure Actual Arrival Aircraft
Sat. 16 Mar02:10 06:00 02:20 06:10Boeing 757-200 Passenger


Mon. 4 Mar01:10 05:00 01:47+37 m. 05:37Boeing 757-200 Passenger


The flight AZUR Air ZF2543 (Vladivostok — Nha Trang) is being accomplished from the airport Vladivostok International Airport (VVO), to the airport Cam Ranh International Airport (CXR). The flight is accomplished by the planes Boeing 757-200 Passenger. The flight distance is 2567 miles / 4130 km.

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Boeing 757-200 Passenger


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