Qatar Airways Boeing 777 - A7-BAA (MSN 36009)

Registration Number: A7-BAA
Type: 777-3DZER
Serial number: 36009
Age: 13.9 year
Engines: 2 x GE GE90-115B
Airline: Qatar Airways

Cabin configuration

293 seats


84 cm. (33 inch.)

Distance between rows of seats

48 cm. (18.9 inch.)

Seat width

42 seats

Business Class

198 cm. (78 inch.)

Distance between rows of seats

56 cm. (22 inch.)

Seat width

Recent flights

Flight Number Route
QR1071Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1074Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1078Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1083Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1084Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1086Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1087Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1088Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1136Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Seeb Int'l (MCT)
QR1137Seeb Int'l (MCT) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1139Seeb Int'l (MCT) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR127Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Malpensa Int'l (MXP)
QR1363Hamad Int'l (DOH) — OR Tambo Int'l (JNB)
QR1364OR Tambo Int'l (JNB) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1367OR Tambo Int'l (JNB) — King Shaka Int'l (DUR)
QR1368OR Tambo Int'l (JNB) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1397Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Mohammed V Int'l (CMN)
QR15Hamad Int'l (DOH) — London Heathrow (LHR)
QR150Barajas Int'l (MAD) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR159Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Copenhagen (CPH)
QR16London Heathrow (LHR) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR160Copenhagen (CPH) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR161Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Copenhagen (CPH)
QR162Copenhagen (CPH) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR163Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Copenhagen (CPH)
QR167Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN)
QR168Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR169Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN)
QR170Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR193Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Brussels (BRU)