Qatar Airways Boeing 787 - A7-BCK (MSN 38329)

Registration Number: A7-BCK
Type: 787-8DZ
Serial number: 38329
Age: 8.8 year
Engines: 2 x GEnx-1B
Airline: Qatar Airways

Cabin configuration

232 seats


79 cm. (31 inch.)

Distance between rows of seats

44 cm. (17.2 inch.)

Seat width

22 seats

Business Class

203 cm. (80 inch.)

Distance between rows of seats

56 cm. (22 inch.)

Seat width

Recent flights

Flight Number Route
QR1073Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1074Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1077Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1078Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kuwait Int'l (KWI)
QR1079Kuwait Int'l (KWI) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR113Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) (FCO)
QR114Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) (FCO) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1148Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Seeb Int'l (MCT)
QR115Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) (FCO)
QR131Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) (FCO)
QR1351Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Zanzibar (ZNZ)
QR1352Zanzibar (ZNZ) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1357Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Kilimanjaro Int'l (JRO)
QR1361Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Maputo Int'l (MPM)
QR1373Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Windhoek Hosea Kutako Int'l (WDH)
QR1387Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Entebbe Int'l (EBB)
QR1409Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Murtala Mohammed Int'l (LOS)
QR141Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Barcelona Int'l (BCN)
QR1410Murtala Mohammed Int'l (LOS) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR1463Sale (RBA) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR151Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Barajas Int'l (MAD)
QR152Barajas Int'l (MAD) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR159Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Copenhagen (CPH)
QR163Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Copenhagen (CPH)
QR164Copenhagen (CPH) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR169Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN)
QR17Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Dublin Int'l (DUB)
QR179Hamad Int'l (DOH) — Oslo, Gardermoen (OSL)
QR18Dublin Int'l (DUB) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)
QR180Oslo, Gardermoen (OSL) — Hamad Int'l (DOH)