Flight Tracking Bot

Our bot will send you status notifications when the flight departs or lands. All you need is to specify the flight number and date (Optional).

In Telegram

What messages the bot sends


Once the flight took off, you will receive a message.

On the way

When the flight overcomes 50% -60% of the route, you will receive a message.


When the flight lands at the destination airport, you will receive a message.

Flight delayed

In the case when the flight information changes, you will receive a message.

Coming soon

15 minutes before flight arrival, you will receive a message.


For some cases, such as flight is halfway up the route, the bot sends a map snapshot. But you can also request using the /map command the flight position on the map.

How to work with the bot?

1. Connect to bot

2. Subscribe to the flight status. /flight Flight number (For example, /flight AA123) or subscribe to the flight status on your day of interest /flight Flight number Date of departure (For example, /flight AA123 03/15/2018)

Cheers! You are subscribed, now as soon as the flight status changes (the flight departed, arrived...), you will receive a corresponding notification.

Bot Statistics

Statistics contain number of messages sent to users by day.

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